Aims of "Lab-to-Lab"

Saitama University (SU) is enhancing the functions of research and teaching for human resource cultivation under various governmental subsidies. As a national research university, we are strengthening particularly in interdisciplinary approaches to complex issues on life science, green science, and man-machine interaction science. As one of 'Global 30 Plus Universities' in Japan, we have been creating various curriculums such as Lab-to-Lab Graduate Student Exchange Program for nurturing prospective global leaders through research collaborations with counterpart professors in partner universities overseas.

Lab-to-Lab Graduate Student Exchange Program is a program run by Graduate School of Science and Engineering, SU, and it is a graduate students and scholars exchange program for research collaboration with counterpart laboratories of international partner universities. Through exchanging graduate students and scholars between SU and international partners, we hope that we can jointly yield and flourish innovative ideas and we can make our future better.