08Feb. 2016

Collaborative research with National Chiao Tung University 

Prof. Yuji Moriyasu
Mr. Xin-Chun Huang

Prof. Yuji Moriyasu, Department of Regulatory Biology, SU, has visited National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan two times. Collaborative research with Prof. Hsin-Yun Hus has already begun. As a part of collaboration, we invited a graduate student, Mr. Xin-Chun Huang, from National Chiao Tung University as a student researcher.

Collaborative research theme of Mr. Huang:

Xin-Chun Huang1, Yuji Moriyasu2, Hsin-Yun Hsu1*

We provide a simple yet novel sol-gel approach to construct the new redox-responsive silica nanoprobe (ReSiN) capable of redox-facilitated fluorescence dye release and self-degradation. We employed such material to enable the redox status monitoring of subcellular organelles in tobacco BY-2 cells.

  • Figure 1: TAMRA labeled ReSiN were incubated with Atg8-GFP-expressing BY-2 cells for 20 h to monitor the uptake of ReSiN in the endocytosis pathway. In normal medium with the protease inhibitor E64-c, TAMRA were released upon ReSiN degradation in the vacuole. In contrast, under starvation with E64-c treatment, ReSiNs were accumulated in autolysosomes without observable TAMRA release.
  • Graduate student Xin-Chun Huang has visited SU, the man in front in dark blue cardigan is Mr. Xin-Chung.