08Feb. 2016

Students of the University of Twente, Netherlands visit Saitama University 

Assis. Prof. Kobayashi
Associ. Prof. Yoshikawa

University of Twente Faculty of Science and Technology / Netherlands


Seventeen students of the University of Twente, Netherlands visited SU on July 30th, 2015.

They visited Nakabayashi-Yoshikawa group (Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and Area of Life Science and Nanobiology, Division of Strategic Research and Development) and learned about state-of-the-art optical microscopies and liquid-environment atomic force microscopy.
They are the members of “Studytrip Astatine”, which is organized with highly-motivated students who major in science and engineering, and now touring the Japanese universities and institutes with advanced techniques and instruments.

  • Assistant Prof. Kobayashi explaining the home-built atomic-resolution AFM and the students listening to it with great interest.
  • Associate Prof. Yoshikawa explaining his research using advanced optical microscopy to the students.