14Feb. 2016

A Report on Lab-to-Lab 

Prof. Hitoshi Nakamoto, Department of Science and Engineering
Mr. Andreas Horn, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major


I came to Saitama in May 2014 to conduct the research for my Master’s thesis at the Department of Science and Engineering, Saitama University (abbreviated as ‘Saidai’ in Japanese). My research topic is a novel interaction of heat shock proteins in Escherichia coli and Synechococcus elongatus. In the lab, I conducted experiments under artificial conditions as well as in living cells.

Before I came to Saitama, I had already wished to study in Japan for several years but never found the time to go there. Because of that, I was really happy and excited when my professor (Wolfgang Schumann of University of Bayreuth) in Germany helped me to get into contact with Saidai’s Prof. Hitoshi Nakamoto, who offered me the possibility to work in his lab and also greatly helped me to come to Japan and to start living there.

When I first came to Saidai, I was immediately welcomed with a lot of hospitality which also continued throughout my whole nine-month-stay. This gave me the opportunity to experience a variety of new and unique things that I otherwise might have missed. Another thing I really liked about Saidai was the fact that Saidai is not a huge impersonal university but rather small one with a lot of personal contact, a variety of services, and events to promote and facilitate student life.

Summarizing, I may say, that I had a really great time studying in Japan which not only gave me the opportunity to see and to experience a lot of new things but also allowed me to widen my horizon and to befriend with a lot of interesting and nice people I still keep close contact to. So, if you think about spending some time studying in Japan, I can highly recommend you to do so, and Saitama University may just be the right place for you to start this experience.

  • Mr. Andi, in front of a traditional Japanese house with a thatched roof
  • In front of a Japanese shrine
  • Together with Lab members, in front of Tomioka Silk Mill and related industrial Heritage site.
  • Lunch with Lab members