06Dec. 2016

Prof. Nassurlla Burtebayev and Dr. Inesh Kenzhina visited Saitama University and RIKEN 

Prof. Takeshi Suzuki 


Prof. Nassurlla Burtebayev from Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP) of Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Dr. Inesh Kenzhina from Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics of al-Farabi Kazakh National University visited Saitama University and RIKEN during the period from October 29th to November 8th, 2016.


Their purpose was to participate in the experiment done at RIKEN Nishina Accelerator Center, which measures the thickness of the neutron skin of Ni isotopes via the interaction cross sections and the charge changing cross sections. Over 30 people from Kazakh and German Institutes as well as from Saitama, Niigata, Tsukuba, and Osaka Universities, collaborated to perform the experiment.


During their stay in Japan, the accelerator worked stable night and day.


We, thus, succeeded to measure cross sections over long chain of 58-78Ni isotopes. This international collaborative research was helpful to deepen the cooperation agreement between SU and the INP more.


The last day during their visit, an excursion was held. Starting from Asakusa, we moved on a water boat and saw Hamarikyu-Garden and the Tokyo Tower.

Summarizing, program was well organized. Prof. Nassurlla Burtebayev says followings: I am very satisfied to work with Japanese colleagues and students. They are so kind and open minded.  Hope to continue learning and working with RIKEN and SU in near future.

  • In front of the accelerator building at RIKEN [Inst. of Physical and Chemical Res.] N. Burtebayev (Right) and I. Kenzihna (Left)
  • In front of Sen_Sou_Ji temple at Asakusa, Kenziha(right) and writer( left)
  • During the experiment at the counting room I. Kenzihna checks the electronics