23Jan. 2017

Prof. Pornngarm Dejkriengkraikul visited Saitama University and Saitama Cancer Center 

Prof. Masami Suganuma 


Prof. Pornngarm Dejkriengkraikul, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, with her PhD student Pattama Wongsirisin, visited Saitama University and Research Institute for Clinical Oncology, Saitama Cancer Center, from December 6th to 9th, 2016. Prof. Suganuma’s laboratory is located there.


The purpose of the visit was to discuss establishment of a double degree program between Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University and Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University. Prof. Pornngarm also discussed ongoing collaborative research with Prof. Suganuma in relation to the mechanisms of oncoprotein in Helicobacter pylori, Tipα, in gastric cancer.


On the first day, at Saitama University, Prof. Pornngarm what would be needed for double degree program with Prof. Seiichiro Nakabayashi, Vice President, Saitama University, and Dr. Makoto Nagasawa, Office of International Affairs. Prof. Pornngarm had a dinner at Omiya with Profs. Nakabayashi and Takahumi Sakai, and Young Scientists of Saitama University Drs. Nagasawa, Ichiro Sakata, Akinori Kawamura, and Rhohei Yoshihara.


On the second day, Prof. Pornngarm gave a seminar entitled “Tipα and chemotherapeutic drug induce cytokine expression in primary gastric cells from Thai gastric cancer patients”, at Saitama Cancer Center, and discussed future plans with Prof. Suganuma’s group.


Prof. Pornnagrm’s student, Ms. Wongsirisin, stayed in Prof. Suganuma’s Lab for 3 months from December 6, 2016 to March 6, 2017, as a “Tokubetsu Kenkyu Gakusei (DC)” to learn purification of recombinant Tipα, a H. pylori oncoprotein, and to do experiments in relation to stimulation of cancer immunotherapy with green tea catechins. This was a part of MOU between Chiang Mai University and Saitama University, which had been agreed on in 2015.

  • Prof. Pornngarm & Prof. Nakabayashi at Vice president's room
  • Prof. Pornngarm discussed with Dr. Nagasawa, Office of International Affairs
  • Prof. Pornngarm gave her seminar at Prof. Suganuma's Lab