15Feb. 2017

Report on Lab-to-Lab 

Himanshu Tyagi (Research Scholar at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India) 


I visited Saitama University under lab-to-lab program during first week of February 2017. After a wonderful flight experience with All Nippon Airways (the Indian food they serve is rather wonderful), I reached Saitama University with the help of Mr. Tamon Hattori and Mr. Kengo Baba. During travel from Narita airport to Saitama University, it was amazing to behold a view of sacred Mount Fuzi from Skyliner and to effortlessly communicate with Hattori-san and Baba-san (with whom I interacted on Japanese and Indian culture). Coming from India, I was mesmerized by the agricultural fields and the well planned structure of cities and streets on my way to Saitama. After reaching Saitama University, I was provided a comfortable accommodation at International Guest House and was assisted by Prof. Harry, Ms. Hashimoto, and Mr. Hattori whom I can’t thank enough for their efforts.


As an aspiring post-doc fellow looking to apply for esteemed JSPS fellowship, I was introduced to various labs under Nakabayashi-Yoshikawa research group by Prof. Kawamura. As a student from a physics and materials science background, it was wonderful to learn about advanced works being done on cell assemblies and protein crystal growth at Nakabayashi-Yoshikawa laboratory. During my seminar (titled “From Synthesis to Modulation of Plasmon in Gold Nanoparticle Assemblies“) we explored common grounds to proceed with a JSPS application and had an enriching question-answer session. In next few days, I interacted with Prof. Nakabayashi, Prof. Kawamura, Prof. Yoshikawa and Prof. Harry on various research topics besides enjoying a wonderful dinner with them.


During my visit, I was amazed by the people-to-people interaction over the campus as well as in Saitama city; the people are so warm and welcoming not to mention the high degree of politeness visible in culture of Japan. For me, I felt a natural bond with Japan and even though I was not able to explore tourist places during this visit, I look forward to visit and explore Japan in future in all its splendor.

  • with prof. Nakabayashi
  • with prof. Harry