12Oct. 2017

Prof. Shaker Mousa from Albany College of Pharmacy, USA visited Saitama University at the invitation of Prof. Alexandre Loukanov 

Associate Professor Alexandre Loukanov 


Prof. Shaker Mousa (Vice Provost for Research & Professor of Pharmacology Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Chairman & Executive Vice President The Pharmaceutical Research Institute) and Prof. Loukanov have met at the International Conference on Nanobiotechnology (Nanobiotech 2017) in Chicago, USA. During the conference they have talked about the possibilities to develop of efficient aptamers for targeting and biorecognition of cancer cells.


Based on the fruitful discussion Prof. Mousa was invited to Saitama University to give a lecture about the future prosperities of the nanomedicine. During his visit in Japan, Prof. Mousa have met with the vice president of Saitama University Prof. Nakabayashi and the researchers in who are working in the filed of cancer nanoresearch. The points of bilateral future collaboration were distinguished and there was established an agreement for future academic exchange of faculty staff and students between Saitama University and Albany College of Pharmacy.

  • Special lecture from Prof. Mousa Lecture Title: Impact of Nanobiotechnology on the Future of Medicine (Nanomedicine): The Road toward Precision Medicine
  • Dr. Mousa is tenure Professor, Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute (USA). He also holds Adjunct Professor Appointments as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, SUNY Albany and SUNY Buffalo.
  • Prof. Mousa (Right) and Associate Prof. Loukanov (Left)