07Dec. 2017

Saitama SFG Colloquium was held at Saitama University 

Prof. Shoichi Yamaguchi 


An international workshop “Saitama SFG Colloquium” was held at Saitama University (SU) on Thursday, October 12th, 2017 with young brilliant invited speakers, Dr. Kailash Chandra Jena from Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Dr. Jahur Alam Mondal from Bhabha Atomic Research Institute, Dr. Yuki Nagata from Max Planck Institute, and Dr. Yuki Nojima from SU. This workshop was focused on sum frequency generation (SFG) spectroscopy that allows us to study physics and chemistry of surfaces and interfaces in molecular-level detail. SU Lab-to-Lab gave us a chance to have deep discussion with these excellent scientists on this rapidly moving field.


Dr. Jena introduced his SFG study on the structure of biomolecules at aqueous interfaces. Dr. Mondal reported the molecular structure and dynamics of interfacial water studied with a newly-developed SFG technique. Dr. Nagata talked about theoretical research on SFG spectroscopy of water and ice surfaces. Dr. Nojima presented her recent study on lipid and ice interfaces.


Audience from SU, RIKEN, and the University of Tokyo enjoyed scientific discussion with the invited speakers. I am very much grateful to SU Lab-to-Lab for generous supports.

  • Speaker and audience at banquet. (from right) Jena, Nagata, Mondal, and Nojima.