27Feb. 2018

Prof. Nison Sattayasai visited Saitama University and Saitama Cancer Center with four of his students 

Prof. Masami Suganuma 


Prof. Nison Sattayasai, Dean, School of Medical Sciences, University of Phayao, visited Saitama University along with four of his students from January 9th to January 18th, 2018. The four students were invited to Saitama University by Prof. Masami Suganuma, Department of Strategic-research, under the SAKURA Exchange Program in Science supported by JST. Prof. Nison is an instructor of Thai Students.


The main purpose of his visit was to establish a relationship between Saitama University and University of Phayao, and discuss future collaboration in research, based on MOU agreed on between these two Universities in 2017. He is the first professor visiting Saitama University from University of Phayao.


On the first day, Prof. Nison met Prof. Hiroki Yamaguchi, President, and Prof. Seiichiro Nakabayashi, Vice President. He was representing the President of Unveristy of Phayao, Prof. Bannakij Lojanapiwat. And Prof. Nison was given a  brief overview of Saitama University by Dr. Makoto Nagasawa.

On the second day, Dr. Nison made a tour of Dr. Yoshikawa’s Lab, Life Nano-bio, Department of Strategic-research, and Dr. Saito’s Lab, Analytical Chemistry. Then he visited 5 Labs of the Department of Regulatory Biology, where he met Profs. Yamasu, Moriyasu, and Sakai, and Drs. Yoshihara, Tsukahara, Sakata, Kawamura and Tsuda. Dr. Nison was very impressed with their advanced research conducted at Saitama University and decided to collaborate them in near future.


From the third day to the fifth day, Dr. Nison visited Suganuma’s Lab, at Research Institute for Clinical Oncology, Saitama Cancer Center. They discussed screening methods for anticancer agents with Ms. Anchalee, a PhD student from University of Phayao. Dr. Nison also had a chance to visit Cancer Institute, Ariake, Tokyo, and RIKEN, Wako, Saitama.

  • Prof. Nison gave a beautiful cup set with a symbol of Univ. Phayao as a gift from his President at the president office in Saitama University
  • Prof. Nison visited Res. Inst. Clin. Oncol., Saitama Cancer Center with 4 students, and met Dr. kamijo, Director of Institute.
  • At the Department of Regulatory Biology, Prof. Nison observed experimental training course of third-year students.
  • Dr. Tsuda, Neurophysiology, explained her research and showed various devices which she had made.