27Feb. 2018

Two Young Researchers from Russia Visited Saitama University 



Two young researchers from Lobachevsky State University, Russia visited Saitama University (SU) from September 10th to 17th, 2017. Among various candidates, they were selected by Nizhni Novgorod local government and approved by the Japan Center in Russia, an affiliated organization of MOFA , Japan.


Mr. Kryukov Lavr Andreevich works at a laboratory in Lobachevsky State University. He succeeded in cultivating “Salep” without a hypha. Salep is a type of Orchidaceous plant and an endangered species. “Salep” has squalene, which contains an anti-cancer substance and uses for medicine.


Mr. Sukhorukov Andrei Vladimirovich developed 35dB Diode uses for Spectrum Analyzer. That made it possible to create the Spectrum Analyzer cheaply. He also makes high frequency treatment devices.

Mr. Kryukov and Mr. Sukhorukov are motivated to search for venture business opportunities in the Saitama / Tokyo region; the main purpose of their visit was to introduce their businesses. As a part of their purpose, they went to SAITEC (http://www.saitec.pref.saitama.lg.jp) with Prof. Nakabayashi, Vice-President of SU and Prof. Nagasawa hosted by SAITAMA Employers’ Association on September 12th. They took a tour inside the facility of SAITEC and exchanged opinions with staff of SAITEC after introducing their businesses during the entire day.


Beyond student and academic exchange, their visit was valuable to enhance the partnership with Lobachevsky University, involving business sector of the Saitama region and to seek a possibility to incubate venture business.

  • Mr. Kryukov and Mr. Sukhorukov took a photo with Prof. Nakabayashi, Prof. Nagasawa and three staff members at SAITEC
  • Mr. Kryukov and Mr. Sukhorukov observed SAITEC
  • Mr. Kryukov and Mr. Sukhorukov observed SAITEC_2
  • Mr. Kryukov gave a senior at SAITEC