03Jul. 2018

A Female Researcher from UNESCO Visited Saitama University and Held a Seminar for Students 

Associate Professor Yasuhiro Hasegawa 


Dr. Yui Arimatsu, who is one female of researchers in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), visited Saitama University on June 12th. She is specialist of archaeologist for relics of an ancient civilization in Middle East, especially, Iraq region. One of coordinators, Prof. Hasegawa, is working with her to hold 14th Japanese-German Frontiers of Science Symposium (JGFoS) supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, Germany.


She arrived at morning time to discuss the circumstance of the students in Saitama University for a seminar held at evening. At lunchtime, Dr. Arimatsu met Prof. Endo, who is a staff member at faculty of economics, Saitama University and a former member of the JGFoS. They talked over the situation of the JGFoS held in this September in Kyoto and exchanged their opinions. After lunch, She got a meeting with Prof. Nagasawa for future plan between Saitama University and UNESCO, especially, how to make an agreement and send the students into UNESCO as a intern. Further, Dr. Arimatsu met a member of the diversity office including vice president Prof. Kaori Hotta, and other vice president Prof. Seiichirou Nakabayashi, who is director of this Lab-to-Lab project. During the chatting with coffee and cookies like an afternoon tea party, all the participants relaxed to talk many topics from the roles of the UNESCO and the current situation of the diversity in Saitama University.


After the tea party, Saitama University held a seminar by Dr. Arimatsu, entitled “Introduction of UNESCO and intern for Saitama University students” supported by Lab-to-Lab project and diversity office. More than 30 people not only the students but also staff members also gathered at a meeting room to get the information through the seminar directly. She first addressed what UNESCO is and how to become staff member after graduating the university as one of the role model of female researchers. She told us that UNECSO is for students belonging to department of not only liberal art, economy and education but also science and engineering field. And she also gave us the information about intern, and many interns from all around world are joining in UNESCO now. After her keynote, many students asked her about not only UNESCO but also why she is in Paris, UNESCO. Many students got a shock because Dr. Arimatsu could not also image being a staff in UNESCO at the student. During her talk, she sent many messages to the participants how to overcome the obstacles and let us know how to make our own ways by ourselves like her.

  • A keynote from Dr. Arimatsu, UNESCO
  • Explain intern in UNESCO to participants
  • After her keynote, many students sent question to Dr. Arimatsu