01Apr. 2015

Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science and Engineering 

Prof. Akihiko Ishii
Prof. Masaichi Saito

P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences / Russia


Visit at Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Moscow

In September, 2014, we visited Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry (ZIOC), Russian Academy of Science, in Moscow city, to talk about Agreement on Academic Exchange bet

ween Saitama University and ZIOC and collaborative research with Prof. Mikhail Egorov, the director of ZIOC, and Prof. Valentine Ananikov, who is a good Russian friend of ours. This institute was founded in 1934, and the first director was A. E. Favorskii (1860-1945); Favorskii reaction is one of most fundamental organic reactions and was named after him. In 1953, this institute was named after N. D. Zelinsky (1861-1953); we can find his name in a named reaction, Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky reaction. ZIOC is the leading institute in Russia in the field of organic and bioorganic chemistry and organic catalysis.

Two months ago to lead it, we saw Prof. Ananikov in Sapporo. He was an invited lecturer of XXVI International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (ICOMC 2014) held in Sapporo. There we had renewed our friendship and had the first small meeting about the Lab-to-Lab program. Thus, in the second meeting in Moscow, we negotiated about the Agreement on Academic Exchange and joint research in more details. Prof. Ananikov accepted our invitation to visit Saitama University, and the third meeting will be held in Saitama in the autumn of 2015.

On this occasion of the visit at ZIOC, we gave invited lectures in Molecular Complexity in Modern Chemistry (MCMC-2014) chaired by Prof. Egorov and Prof. Ananikov. The titles of the lectures were “Syntheses of Metal Complexes with trans-Cycloalkane-1,2-diyl-[OSSO]-type bis(phenolate) Ligand and Isospecific Polymerization of α-Olefins” for A.I. and “Synthesis of Tin and Lead Analogs of Cyclopentadienyl Anion and Their Application to Transition-Metal Complexes” for M. S. We enjoyed the stimulating discussion with participants from all over the world and Russian students.

  • Photograph in the director room of ZIOC: From the left: M. S., A. I., Prof. Egorov, and Prof. Ananikov. The person in the center-upper photograph is Prof. Zelinsky.
  • Group photograph of MCMC-2014 in front of ZIOC.