01Apr. 2015

Visit to National University of Civil Engineering in Hanoi, Vietnam 

Vietnam National University of Agriculture / Vietnam


Prof. Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi, Assoc. Prof. Shingo Asamoto, two graduate students (Takaki Endo, Shin Nakamura) and an under graduate student (Miharu Tsukahara) visited National University of Civil Engineering in Hanoi (hereafter referred to as “NUCE”) from September 18 to 27.

The students presented their current research works to NUCE faculties and students to have a fruitful discussion. Then, they did an internship at Vietnamese office of Japanese Expressway Company for a week. At the weekend, they were invited to a NUCE student house and had a friendly communication with them.

Prof. Mutsuyoshi and Dr. Asamoto had a discussion with NUCE faculties for a new collaborative education program of NUCE master course students which will start in 2015. In addition, they gave special lectures related to concrete for NUCE students and had Q&A time for them. Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. managed the visit to Nhat Tan Bridge just after completion. The possibility of the internship at the new construction site in Vietnam for Saitama Univ. students was discussed.

This visit was very successful, especially from a viewpoint of education to Japanese and NUCE students and their communication.

  • Welcome Party Hosted by Saitama University Alumni
  • Saitama Univ. student presentation
  • Student communication between Saitama Univ. and NUCE
  • Courtesy Call to President of NUCE
  • Special lecture by Prof. Mutsuyoshi
  • Nhat Tan Bridge Just After Completion Supported by Japanese ODA