01Apr. 2015

Prof. Suzuki Visits Kazakhstan for Academic and Research Collaboration 

Institute of Nuclear Physics / Kazakhstan


Prof. Suzuki was invited to attend a seminar by Prof. Kulyan Zhaksybekova in Kazakh National University (KzNU), and had a discussion with Prof. N. Burtebayev, vice-president of Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP). Prof. Suzuki’ s research subject is on calculating radius of unstable nucleus in the ground state by measuring reaction cross section, and N. Burtebayev’ s subject is calculating them in the excited state. So Prof. N. Burtebayev expressed his intention to make a research partnership to advance research cooperation between two countries.

Further collaborative activities by each institution are expected as in the form of academic lectures and collaborative research. It is a part of our goals to advance the partnership with formal agreements between Saitama University and INP.