08Feb. 2016

Assist. Prof. Naritaka Kobayashi visited The University of Twente, Netherlands 

Assist. Prof. Naritaka Kobayashi, SU, Division of Strategic Research and Development, Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Prof. Harold Zadvliet, Physics of Interfaces and Nanomaterials (PIN)

University of Twente Faculty of Science and Technology / Netherlands


Visit to the University of Twente, Netherlands (November, 2014)

I have visited to the laboratory of Prof. Harold Zadvliet in the University of Twente, Netherlands to discuss about each other’s recent works. They showed me a lot of impressive data and their topnotch instruments such as STM and LEEM. They also gave me some demonstrations of their experiments. On the last day, I talked about my recent works in their group seminar. I believe that this was a good opportunity to build a good relationship and to start collaborative work.

  • With members of the laboratory
  • Seminar at The University of Twente