07Sep. 2017

Assoc. Prof. Kiminori Maeda visited Academgorodok in Novosibirsk 

Assoc. Prof. Kiminori MAEDA 

Assoc. Prof. Kiminori Maeda (the author) travelled to a central city of Siberia, Novosibirk, from 24 June to 1st July, and met many Russian Scientists especially Prof. Konstantin Ivanov, Prof. Nikita Lukzen, Prof. Matvey Fedin (International Tomography Centre), Dr. Dmitry V. Stass (Institute of Chemical kinetics and combustion), Prof. Elena Bagryanskaya (Institute of Organic Chemistry), et al. and discussed science and the future of the existing partnership between Saitama University and Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Science.


This time, Prof. Maeda attended “IX International Voevodsky Conference Physics and Chemistry of Elementary Chemical Processes” as a foreign guest. This conference is dedicated to the 100-th anniversary of Academician Vladislav Voevodsky, who is known throughout the world as an outstanding scientist working in chemical physics especially reaction kinetics of gas chain branched reactions, reactions of hydrocarbon cracking, and heterogeneous reactions of radicals and atoms. He was also one of the first to realize the potential of magnetic resonance technique in studying free radicals and other paramagnetic particles. He was one of the founders of the Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion, Novosibirsk, Russia and of the Department of Natural Sciences of Novosibirsk State University.


The conference started from the Awarding ceremony of the Voevodsky prize and the award lectures.  This time, Prof. Jack H. Freed (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA), and Prof. Renad Z. Sagdeev from Novosibirsk received the award.  The conference includes about 80 oral and 80 poster presentations.  The author (Maeda) was impressed by the very high potential of the Russian scientist in this field and improvement of English and presentation skills of Russian young students.


Prof. Maeda presented an invited lecture titled “Precise analysis of time resolved MARY in photo excitation of Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide”.  This lecture presented unique and detailed analysis of the time resolved feature of the Magnetic field effects on reaction yields (MARY) in an important co-enzyme flavin adenine dinucleaotide (FAD).


The program includes many invited speakers from USA, European countries, but the invited speaker from East Asia was only Prof. Maeda except the speakers from Russia. The author (Maeda) suggests more active international exchange with Russia in science. Especially, Novosibirsk in Siberia is just the neighbourhood of Japan!

  • The conference photo of the IX Intearnational Voevodsky Conference, Physics and Chemistry of Elementary Chemical Processes
  • Before the conference, some invited speakers went to a restaurant near the conference venue. From the second from the left, Hans-Martin Vieth, Alexandra Yurkovskaya, Gonzalo Angulo, Kiminori Maeda (the author), Constantin Ivanov, Geoffrey Bodenhausen, Robert Griffin, Jack Freed.