02Nov. 2017

Int’l Scientific Forum Nuclear Science and Technologies dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Institute of Nuclear Physics 

Prof. Takeshi Suzuki 


Based on the agreement for partnership between Saitama University and Institute Nuclear Physics (INP), Almaty, Kazakhstan, I visited to INP during the period from 11th to 16th September.  The purpose of my visit was to attend Int’l Scientific Forum -Nuclear Science and Technologies- dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Institute of Nuclear Physics Forum and to present on the “ Measurements of Charge-Changing Cross-Sections for Ca and Ni isotopes”. Over 300 participants mainly from former USSR (Russia, Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan), Poland, Czech Republic, USA and Germany gathered and discussed on the subjects. http://www.inp.kz/en_US/current_conf_info/


The forum was organized from 4 categories. They are devoted to the 1) Nuclear Physics, 2) Solid State Radiation Physics and Issues of Material Science, 3) Radiation ecology and Methods of Analysis, 4) Nuclear and Radiation Methods in Medicine and Industry.  Japanese presenters other than writer were Dr. N. Otuka (International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA) and Chairman Mr. Hosoda (Chiyoda Technol Company).


On the 3rd day of the Forum, there was an short trip to the research reactor (WWR-K), the accelerator (Cyclone-30) and so on.  The WWR-K is the pool type light water reactor. Deionized water serves as coolant, moderator and reflector. Maximum thermal neutron flux density reaches 2×1014 (n/cm2s), thermal power 6MW.  Cylone-30 is also the one of the basic facility of INP, intended for the production of medical isotopes. It can accelerate proton up to 30MeV with 750μA beam intensity.

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