03Jul. 2018

Assoc. Professor Takeshi Fujino visited Three Myanmar Universities in 2017 and 2018 

Associate Professor Takeshi Fujino 


Associate Professor Takeshi Fujino visited Mandalay University (MU, Mandalay) on March 26 – 28 and June 1 in 2018, Yadanabon University (YU, Mandalay) on October 9 in 2017 and March 28 in 2018, and Technological University (TU, Taunggyi)on October 10 in 2017 and March 29 in 2018.


Mandalay University (Mandalay) is located in the central of Mandalay City and, top class and the oldest University in Myanmar along with Yangon University (Yangon). Fujino met Prof. Thida Win (Rector), Prof. Myin Zu Minn (Pro-Rector, the former Pro-Rector of Yadanabon University) and many teaching staffs. They discussed about research collaboration and a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between MU and Saitama University. Prof. Myin Zu Minn knew about Fujino from her acquaintance in the water laboratory belonging to the Forest Department in Nay Pyi Taw, and contacted him in June 2017. Fujino visited Yadanabon University and introduced his activities in Myanmar. Later, Prof. Myin Zu Minn moved to Mandalay University as Pro-Rector in December 2017. Fujino and his colleagues in other Universities visited MU twice, and found counterparts in each research field. MU agreed to undertake MoU to the Ministry of Education.


Taunggyi Technological University (TU, Taunggyi) is located in Shan state. There is Inle lake, the second largest lake in Myanmar, between Heho airport and University. TU hopes to contribute to environmental conservation of the lake, however, there is no staff who works for environmental studies. Prof. San San Yee (Rector) graduated Japanese University, and she expects to work with Fujino-Lab continuously. Fujino is giving advise to the first two female graduate students in TU. There topic is water footprints assessment of tomato cultivation in Inle lake.


  • Photo 1. Visiting to Mandalay University on March 26 in 2018. Rector Thida Win (left of Fujino) and Pro-Rector Myin Zu Minn (right of Fujino), teaching staffs and students, after Fujino’s seminar.
  • Photo 2. Visiting to Mandalay University on March 28 in 2018. At Department of Zoology, Prof. Thant Zin, Dept. Head (right of Fujino) and Assoc. Prof. Ni Ni Win and Moe Moe Khine, after the stream survey in Mandalay and Shan state.
  • Photo 3. Visiting to Mandalay University on June 1 in 2018. Rector Thida Win (right of Fujino) and Pro-Rector Myin Zu Minn (right of Fujino), teaching staffs, and colleague
  • Photo 4. Visiting to Yadanabon University on October 9 in 2017. Pro-Rector Myin Zu Minn (right of Fujino) and teaching staffs, after Fujino’s seminar.