20Jul. 2018

Assoc. Prof. Yasuhiro Hasegawa Visited UC Riverside, California, and headquarter of UNESCO, Paris 

Associate Professor Yasuhiro Hasegawa 


Associate Professor Yasuhiro Hasegawa visited University of California, Riverside, to meet Sharon Walker from June 28th to 30th. Sharon, who is dean of Bourns College of engineering and a key person to establish bilateral agreement between SU and UCR, has appointed new dean of the college of Engineering at Drexel University, Pennsylvania, from September 1st in 2018. This is last summer spending time in west coast for her and first summer joining a summer seminar held in UCR for a SU student. From 2018, SU is officially sending student who is interested in the summer seminar for 2-month. He met not only Sharon but also several UCR professors and officers to arrange it in future. All the officers said him they will support not only current student but also prospective students participating the seminar, for example, arranging suitable student dorm which has individual bathroom for Japanese students. After transferring Sharon to another university, we promised that both universities would tightly continue well-established relationship beyond Pacific Ocean and the American continent. In addition, Sharon plans to go toward to make an agreement at Drexel University for SU. We also made an appointment to meet again on campus at UCR and Drexel University near future.


After doing the meeting in California, he went to Caen, France, to participant his own conference, international conference on thermoelectrics from July 1st to July 5th. He did oral presentation to audiences who are interested in quantum nanowire and nano-fabrication. Then, he dispatched to Paris to meet several officers belonging to UNESCO beyond the Atlantic Ocean. Here was also a meeting point with Associate Professor Makoto Nagasawa in Saitama University who is willing to support making the agreement with UNESCO when a researcher, Dr. Yui, belonging to the organization visited SU on June. First, we met Mr. Maeda, who is first secretary of permanent delegation of Japan to UNESCO, to say our appreciation of negotiation for our agreement in advance. He was willing to help our agreement make with UNESCO. Then, we also set a business arrangement with Mr. Von Michael Martin, who is a Human Resources Officers in the organization. Through the meeting and discussion, he was also willing to accept our offer, which would establish an agreement between SU and UNESCO. Finally, we went forward to make traineeship program for SU students, who will spend more than 6-month as an intern. And we also met other Japanese people who are working at the organization from the view of Japanese employees (MEXT and MLIT), UNESCO staff member and intern, and they gave us many advices, especially, for prospective SU students who would join in traineeship (internship) program.


Through visiting the UNESCO, we will make sponsored traineeship program for student; however, the students would find out their own scholarship for staying, typically 6-month. Therefore, we will consider not only the partnership but also financial support for the intern.

  • A photo with Dr. Hasegawa, Mr. Von Michael Martin (Human Resources Officers), and Dr. Nagasawa at UNESO, Paris.