02Nov. 2018

Assoc. Prof. Kiminori Maeda and two graduate students visited Novosibirsk again and attended “III International Conference, Spin physics, chemistry, and technology” 

Associate Professor Kiminori Maeda


Assoc. Prof. Kiminori Maeda (the author) travelled to a central city of Siberia, Novosibirsk, from the 9thto 15thof September and met many Russian Scientists including Prof. Konstantin Ivanov, Prof. Nikita Lukzen, Prof. Matvey Fedin (International Tomography Centre), and Prof. Elena Bagryanskaya (Institute of Organic Chemistry), Also, we discussed science and the future of the existing partnership between Saitama University and the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Science.


This time, Prof. Maeda attended III International Conference, Spin physics, chemistry, and technology and presented a lecture entitled “The pulse magnetic field and radio-wave effect on the radical pair dynamics in biologically related systems”. The presentation describes an application of the recently developed AWG (Arbitrary Wave Generator) based electron spin resonance technique to control radical pair reactions.


The conference was held in the lovely resort hotel “Sosnovka” which is located near Akademgorodok (about 10 km by car) and is surrounded by the beautiful Siberian nature.


The topic of the conference was related to spin effects, however the focus spread from Physics to Chemistry to Biology.  The author thinks this is one of the most important characteristics of the society in the field of spin related phenomena. The topics of the conference are as follows:

  • Design of high spin systems
  • Spin-dependent properties of semiconductors
  • Spin-dependent chemical reactions
  • Spins in low-dimensional structures
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Optically induced spin polarization
  • Chemically induced spin polarization
  • Strongly correlated spin systems
  • Magnetic impurities and molecules
  • Spin dynamics
  • Spin transport
  • Spin-dependent phenomena in heterostructures
  • Spin-based devices
  • Quantum computing with spins
  • Spin based crystallography, spin based nanometrology
  • Solar energy research with spins
  • Developments of spin detection and control methodology
  • Spin and biomolecules
  • Long-lived nuclear spin states
  • Photovoltaic


Two graduate students, Taisuke Matsuo and Akihiro Sakashita from Saitama University, also attended the conference and presented posters on their recent work. Taisuke’s poster “Low field effect in the photochemical reaction of xanthone and DABCO in a micelle” was selected as one of the best three best poster out of 50 posters and received an award certificate and a souvenir.



Kiminori Maeda (the author) discussed with Prof. Kothe (Germany) raising his hand after his lecture.
Centre: Matovey Fedin (the chair of the session)


The conference photo of SPCT-2018. On the front line from the left, Polyakov, Takui, Yurkovskaya, Maeda (the author), Kothe, Hill. The second from the right on the front line, Bagryanskaya (the organizer of the conference).


After the conference we went to the Russian (or Finish) style (very hot) sauna at the conference venue. On the left edge is Kiminori Maeda (the author), the front centre Yasuhiro Kobori (Kobe University) and second from the right Jonathan Woodward (Tokyo University).