02Nov. 2018

Assoc. Prof. Kiminori Maeda visited the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia for a Joint Conference of EPR communities and met many friends in the scientific community and former colleagues 

Associate Professor Kiminori Maeda 


Assoc. Prof. Kiminori Maeda (the author, Kiminori hereafter) attended “The Third Joint Conference of the Asia Pacific EPR/ESR Society (APES) and the international EPR (ESR) Society (IES)” held at the University of Queensland, St. Lucia in Brisbane, Australia, from 23rdto 27thof September 2018.  These conferences were very important meetings in the field of EPR/ESR.  Especially, this time two conferences, the Asia-Pacific EPR meeting and the International EPR meeting were joined.  Therefore, the size of the conference was rather larger, and we had four plenary and nine key note lectures in the large hall and some parallel sessions in the two lecture halls. The University of Queensland is a beautiful university on the side of the river and a little separated from the hotel area near the central city.  However, the many participants including Kiminori moved to the venue by a comfortable public boat cruising along the river. The scientific session was quite exciting with many excellent lectures. Amongst them, an award lecture of the Silver medal of IES, “Radical Pairs as Spin Qubit Pairs: Observing and Preserving” by Michael R. Wasielewski (Northwestern University) was so excellent that Kiminori was stimulated by his great experimental demonstrations of the quantum effects in electron spin and photochemical systems.


Kiminori presented an invited lecture, “Probing and controlling transient radical pairs by pulse magnetic field and RF field in low field regime”. The conference was successful, and the next APES is going to be held in China. After the conference, Kiminori was invited to the house of Prof. Jeffrey Harmer (the conference co-chairs of the APES-IES and the regional representative of Australia/New Zealand) for a BBQ party. He was a colleague and a neighbour for a long time when Kiminori was working in U.K.. We enjoyed chatting and reminisced about their time together in the U.K..


View from the boat while traveling to the University of Queensland


Prof. Jeffrey Harmer and Kiminori Maeda (the author)