27Aug. 2019

Assoc. Prof. Yasuhiro Hasegawa Visited UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Google on Bay Area and UC Riverside and San Diego on Los Angeles area 

Associate Professor Yasuhiro Hasegawa 


Associate Professor Yasuhiro Hasegawa visited California to meet his colleagues for future international collaboration and discuss the possibility of English education on master course at Saitama University. First, he visited UC Berkeley to meet one of his colleagues, Prof. Chris Dames. He is doing well and discussed the criteria for future’s exchange students from Saitama University. And Sean Lubner, who was a lab mate during his sabbatical and is currently senior researcher in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) , invited him to LBNL campus, locating the hilltop of the UC Berkeley campus. Sean showed his recent process of his study and discussed a possibility of the exchange student from Japan in LBNL where many Ph.D students joined many projects. And Yasuhiro moved to San Jose area to go to Google, then he met Shuntaro Yamazaki who is a senior researcher of the IT tech company. Yasuhiro asked him to hold a seminar in future dropping by Saitama University when he came back to Japan.


Yasuhiro went to Los Angeles and visited UC Riverside where Saitama University made a MoU from 2017. Last year, one Ph.D student of Saitama University joined a summer seminar in UC Riverside under the MoU’s umbrella; however, it was impossible to join the seminar held in 2019 due to visa problem. Therefore, he and Prof. Guillermo Aguilar, dean of mechanical engineering, discussed other possibility to participate several programs for undergraduate and master course students in Saitama University. Jun Wang, assistant provost in UC Riverside, also joined the discussion for both universities. After the meeting in UC Riverside, Yasuhiro went to UC San Diego, and talked about not only the exchange program but also concept of English master course in Saitama University. Prof. Renkun Chen and Prof. Javier Garay gave many comments based on his remembrance in Chinese top university. And Prof. Guy Bertland also gave comments through his experiences on France and US. This is quite important thing how to show reason why students should learn the English, subjects and majors. It is easy to explain the reason for the students who want to join academia. On the other hand, he said the students who want to find their position in Japan have no reason why they should learn something because no understandable incentive like high salary, bonus and promotion are there. This is main obstacle in Japanese university from the view of US university. Showing the reason of not only the study but also the incentive is quite meaningful for current Japanese students. And they are willing to accept the students who have completely realized the passion and reason how to study in US.

  • A photo with Prof. Guy Bertland (center) and Yasuhiro Hasegawa (right) at his home