04Sep. 2019

Assist. Prof. Norio Nakata visited Mahidol University in Thailand and attended “International Congress on Pure & Applied Chemistry (ICPAC) Yangon 2019” in Myanmar 

Assistant Professor Norio Nakata 


Assist. Prof. Norio Nakata (the author) visited Mahidol University (MU) in Bangkok, Thailand, on August 5th 2019. MU is among Thailand’s most prestigious universities and ranked top university in Thailand according to the CWTS Leiden Ranking 2019. Norio met with Assoc. Prof. Panida Surawatanawong at Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, who is a theoretical chemist. Very recently, we have started a collaborative work concerning the reaction mechanism in the tin(II)-catalyzed hydroboration reaction. We prepared a collaborating publication for the present results and discussed the possibility of theoretical prediction for the synthetic mechanism of new silicon(II)-coordinated transition metal complexes as a new project. Furthermore, we took about the Sakura Science Plan supported by JST to be submitted this summer. Norio was invited a lunch-meeting by the young faculty members and enjoyed traditional Thai cuisine and conversation with them. That afternoon, Norio gave a special seminar entitled “Group 14 Metallylenes Stabilized by an Iminophosphonamido Ligand:Syntheses, Coordination Chemistry, and Catalytic Application”. I believe that since some staffs and students raised fundamental and significant questions to me, my seminar was very successful.


Afterwards, Norio attended “International Congress on Pure & Applied Chemistry (ICPAC) Yangon 2019”. The congress was held from August 6-9th 2019 in the Rose Garden Hotel, which is located near the city centre of Yangon, in particular within walking distance of the oldest Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar.This congress is the fourth of a series of major international scientific meeting covering all areas of pure and applied chemistry including specific themed symposia.Norio presented an invited lecture in the Inorganic and Coordination Chemistry (ICC) session on August 7th 2019, entitled “Iminophosphonamido Silylene: Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry”. As the congress excursion, we visited two famous pagodas in Myanmar; first one is Kyaukhtatgyi Pagoda, home to a 70 metres long reclining Buddha, and second one is Shwedagon Pagoda known as the most revered Buddhist temple, is a gilded 99 metres tall stupa. This stupa, in particular, has an impressive shining structure, that covered gold plates with its upper umbrella crown adorned with more than 5000 diamonds and 2000 rubies. During my stay in Myanmar, I was able to experience the cultures, traditions, people, and foods.

  • With Assoc. Prof. Surawatanawong (right) and young faculty members at the Thai cuisine restaurant
  • A reclining Buddha at the Kyaukhtatgyi Pagoda
  • Gilded stupas at the Shwedagon Pagoda