12Oct. 2019

Spin Chemistry Meeting 2019 St.Petersburg, Russia 

Special Project Researcher Dr. Lewis M. Antill
Associate Professor Kiminori Maeda


Members of the Maeda Laboratory (Saitama University) visited St Petersburg between the 17th and 23rd August for the 16th Spin Chemistry Meeting (International Symposium on Spin and Magnetic Field Effects in Chemistry and Related Phenomena). Prof Kiminori Maeda gave a talk on ‘Probing and controlling transient radical pairs by static and AWG based RF fields in low field regime’ and Dr Lewis M. Antill presented his work entitled ‘Spatiotemporal measurement of cryptochromes for animal magnetoreception’. Three Master’s student of the Maeda Laboratory gave poster presentations and one student, Ms Nana Iwata, won a poster prize for her work named ‘Low field effect on radical pairs confined in the binding pocket of bovine serum albumin’.


Numerous presentations were given by eminent researchers in the field of spin chemistry, which stimulated fruitful scientific discussions. The excellent organising committee of the meeting, including co-chairmen Profs Konstantin Ivanov and Leonid Kulik, provided a lovely venue and cultural program. On the final evening of the meeting, all attendees embarked on a boat trip through the historical city of St Petersburg along the Neva river.

  • Members of SCM19 gathering before the Neva river cruise
  • Ms. Nana Iwata receiving her poster prize