12Oct. 2019

Dr. Antill visits the UK London and Oxford, UK 

Special Project Researcher Dr. Lewis M. Antill 


Dr. Lewis M Antill visited the laboratory of his collaborator Dr Alex Jones of the Biometrology Group at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), London, UK. During his visit he met members of Dr Jones Laboratory to discuss future collaborative work on cryptochromes and to see their excellent facilities.


After his visit to the NPL, Dr Antill ventured on towards Oxford to meet Prof Peter J Hore of the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, The University of Oxford. He visited their spectroscopic laboratories and discussed the possibility of a future collaboration with Prof. Hore.


This visit to the UK proved to be productive in terms of discussing research and establishing valuable collaborations.


  • Outside the National Physical Laboratory
  • Dr. Antill and members of the Jones Group at the NPL
  • Prof. Hore (left) and Dr. Antill (right) at The University of Oxford