19Nov. 2019

Visit to St. Petersburg and Moscow by Professor Susumu Nonaka 

Professor Susumu Nonaka 


Prof. Nonaka visited St. Petersburg to attend an international conference “Text Crossed Out in the Perspective of Artistic Discourse: Phenomenon of Literary Anniversary” (Institute of Russian Literature, 2019. 9. 19–20). The conference was organized by Dr. Elena Kolesnikova and Dr. Aleksandr Aleksandrov, both of whom have a close connection with Japanese scholars of Russian literature. It would be worthwhile to mention that Dr. Kolesnikova visited Saitama University in October 2017 to give a special lecture on the culture and history of St. Petersburg.


While in St Petersburg, Prof. Nonaka made a presentation on his new book Innermost Tropes: Poetics of the Style of Andrey Platonov (Belgrade, 2019), a book he wrote in Russian, about one of the most difficult and enigmatic Russian writers of the 20th century, which attracted great attention from Russian scholars.


Prof. Nonaka then travelled to Moscow to attend the IX International Platonov Conference (Institute of World Literature, 2019. 9. 23–25). He read a paper entitled “To What One Can Get Used to and Cannot: Toward a question of A. Platonov’s conservatism”. He has regularly participated in the Platonov Conference organized by Prof. Natalia Kornienko and her staff of the Institute of World Literature since 1999. The twenty-year academic collaberation and warm friendship with Russian and international colleagues helped to give a birth to Prof. Nonaka’s book on Platonov and he is very grateful to them all for the inspiration they have provided him over that time.


One can say the L-to-L program of Saitama University provides valuable support in promoting international academic cooperation, not only in natural sciences, but also in the humanities.

  • Photo of Prof. Nonaka’s book presentation at the Institute of Russian Literature (St. Petersburg)
  • Photo of Prof. Nonaka and Dr. Dmitri Skripchenko (St. Petersburg). Dr. Skripchenko once visited Saitama University and read a special lecture on Russian journalism in July 2019.
  • Photo of Prof. Nonaka reading his paper at the Institute of World Literature (Moscow)